#013 - Late Night Eating, Crossfit And Calories, Adrenal Fatigue, Soy Milk, Getting Enough Nutrients, Broth & Fasting

July 16, 2017

Does late night eating cause weight gain? Is IF bad for the adrenals? How many calories should you consume when doing CrossFit? Should you eat soy or instant broths? And much more! 



#012 - Exogenous Ketones,The “Official” Fasted Period, Body Odor, Medication Requiring Food, Artificial Sweeteners, Insulin, And More!

July 9, 2017

When does the "official" fasted period start? What is the role of insulin? Should you take exogenous ketones? What to do about body odor when fasting? What if you're not losing weight? What are symptoms of IF? How bad are artificial sweeteners? What if your medication during the fast requires food? And more!! 


#011 - Intermittent Fasting Challenges: Mental And Physical Hunger, Explaining IF To Family And Friends, Eating Disorders Vs. Fasting, Drinking Late, Cravings, Workouts On Longer Fasts

July 2, 2017

In today's episode, we tackle a ton of challenges people may face when following an intermittent fasting lifestyle. We'll provide tips and tricks for combatting physical and mental hunger (it's usually more mental!), dealing with awkward situations with friends and family, how to adjust IF when you stay out late drinking, and working out on a longer fast. We also discuss the difference between intermittent fasting and eating disorders (they're not the same!) and much more!


#010 - Vegan Diets, Activity Levels, Muscle Mass, Re-Entering The Zone After Holidays, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, And Weight Gain

June 25, 2017

Melanie Avalon and Gin Stephens discuss maintaining activity levels while intermittent fasting, how IF affects muscle mass, the benefits and side effects of Vegan diets, finding what works for you food wise, getting back into the fasting "zone" after the holidays, how your body knows when to lose versus maintain weight, what to do if you GAIN weight when you first start IF, and more! Check out IFpodcast.com for show notes!


#009 - Scales, Supplements, Naysayers, Max Weight Loss, Calories, Carbs, Wine & More!

June 18, 2017

Melanie Avalon and Gin Stepehens discuss when to take vitamins and supplements when practicing IF, the best IF windows for maximum weight loss, how to deal with social backlash and naysayers, why it's not ALL about calories, determining your own carb tolerance, how much wine you can drink, and much more! 


#008 - IF & Traveling, Getting Enough Calories, Electrolytes, & The Whoosh Effect!

June 12, 2017

Note: There was a slight overlap issue in the early upload of this audio. Please re-download if it hasn't been resolved.

Melanie Avalon and Gin Stephens discuss how to adjust your IF patterns when on vacation, getting enough calories with one meal a day, ensuring adequate electrolytes when intermittent fasting, and the vague "Whoosh Effect.


#007 - What’s Too Extreme?, IF & Exercise, Carb Content, Grains, And IF Weight Maintenance

June 4, 2017

Learn what IF patterns may be too extreme, the difference between full and modified fasts, how IF affects exercise, how many carbs you should be eating, the good and bad with grains, tips for making healthier food choices, how to sustain a whole foods approach if desired, and how to maintain weight on an IF protocol!


#006 - The ALCOHOL And WINE IF Episode!

May 28, 2017

Learn all about drinking alcohol while intermittent fasting, especially wine! Melanie and Gin discuss how alcohol affects fat burning (it doesn't stop weight loss!), the health benefits of alcohol and wine, some pretty cool wine effects, how to make better food choices while practicing IF, and much more!


#005 - The Intermittent Fasting COFFEE Episode!

May 21, 2017

Melanie and Gin discuss coffee and intermittent fasting, including its health benefits, how it affects the fasted state, how you should (and should not) drink it for best results, and details on MCTs and Bulletproof Coffee. They also answer listener questions about using essential oils while fasting and what to do if you're insulin resistant and/or not seeing results within a few weeks of starting IF.


#004 - Insulin, Metabolism, And Intermittent Fasting, Night Shifts, Extended Fasts

May 14, 2017

Melanie Avalon and Gin Stephens discuss the science of intermittent fasting, including the role of insulin in hunger and weight loss, the differences between calorie restriction and intermittent fasting, and how IF affects the metabolism. They also answer listener questions about losing weight with IF when you work night shifts, and doing extended (rather than intermittent) fasts.