#029 - IF To Get Shredded, Jumpstart Fasts, Leaky Gut, “Clean” Wine, Toxins Stored In Fat, Water Intake, Berberine, And More!

November 5, 2017


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5:30 - Listener Q&A: Becky - Should You Do A Longer Jumpstart 48 Hour Fast To Get Into Ketosis?

5:30 - Listener Q&A: Becky - Can Berberine Help With Plateaus?

19:30 - Listener Q&A: Stephanie  - What's The Best Way To Heal Leaky Gut? What Are Good Supplements For The Gut Microbiome?

19:30 - Listener Q&A: Stephanie  - Are The New "Cleaner" Wines Really Better?

32:10 - Listener Q&A: Melanie - Can Toxins Stored In Fat Cause Detox Symptoms?

33:10 - Listener Q&A: Mary - Can Activated Charcoal Help With Toxins Released From Stored Fat When Fasting?

44:10 - Listener Q&A: Tommy - How Can You Use IF To Get Shredded Like A Body Builder? 

50:50 - Listener Q&A: Hannah - How Much Water Should You Drink While Fasting?