#040 - IF & Human Growth Hormone, Fiber, Juice Fasting, Breastfeeding, Calorie Restriction Vs. Dieting, And More!

January 21, 2018

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5:45 - Listener FEEDBACK: Amoray  - IF While Breastfeeding

12:25 - Listener FEEDBACK: Brantley - Calorie Restriction Is NOT Good For Health And Type 2 Diabetes

19:10 - Listener Q&A: Crystol  - Can You Get Enough Of The Fiber RDA With IF And/Or Low Carb

20:00 - Listener Q&A: Mark  - Can You Take Fiber Supplements During The Morning Fast? Does It Spike Insulin

20:35 - Listener Q&A: Aussya  - Does Water Soluble Fiber (Benefiber) Interru[t The Fast?

21:01 - Listener Q&A: Crystol  - Thoughts On Psyillum Husk Fiber? 

37:15 - Listener Q&A: Johanne  - Thoughts On Psyillum Husk Fiber? 

43:35 - Listener Q&A: Ray  - How Does IF Fasting Compare To Juice Fasting? How Does IF Affect Human Growth Hormone?

45:25 - Listener Q&A: Carmelo  -  How Does IF Affect Human Growth Hormone?


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