#041 - WEIRD IF PROBLEMS Part I: Crying, Shoe Sizes, No Weight Gain, Toilets, Sweet Smells, Sweats, Throat Clearing, And More!

January 28, 2018


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13:37 - Listener Problem: Sara - None Of My Shoes Fit Anymore

15:35 - Listener Problem: Clara - I Cry Easily During The Fasted State

21:25 - Listener Problem: Heather - Not Gaining Weight With Binging + No IF?

28:10 - Listener Problem: Alice  - Pain Under Right Rib

34:20 - Listener Problem: Theresa - Frequent Urination

35:05 - Listener Problem: Hannah - Smelly Pee

36:20 - Listener Problem: Jill - Slight Burning With Urination

43:18 - Listener Problem: Maryellen - Keto Body Smell And Feeling Hot

43:42 - Listener Problem: Deborah - Started Smelling Sweet Like Sugar Cookies

43:55 - Listener Problem: Shawn  - Don't Need Deodorant Anymore, Lost Taste For Junk Food

44:15 - Listener Problem: Monica - No Need For Deodoran

51:20 - Listener Problem: Melissa  - Excessive Drool

51:40 - Listener Problem: Holly  - Metallic Taste After Eating

52:35 - Listener Problem: Bianca - Sour Taste

52:45 - Listener Problem: Niki  - Clearing Throat A Lot