#044 - Resistant Starch, E-Cigarettes, Food Sensitivity Tests, Carrageenan, Food Additives, VSL#3, Weekend Breaks, Feast Without Fear, & More!

February 18, 2018


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6:05 - Listener Feedback: Ann  - Maple Syrup Urine Disease

7:30 - Listener Feedback: Lorette  - Stand Up Desk

8:5o - Listener Q&A: Aaryn  - Do Flavored E-Cigarettes Break The Fast?

12:1o - Listener Q&A: Paige  - What Food Sensitivity Tests Do You Recommend?

12:1o - Listener Q&A: Paige  - Do Flavored E-Cigarettes Break The Fast?

15:15 - Listener Q&A: Paige  - If You Don't Fast On The Weekends, Will Monday Be Starting Over?

15:15 - Listener Q&A: Paige  - Why Is Carrageenan Bad? What Are The Worst Food Additives?

27:45 - Paige's Tip  - Salt Pineapple To Prevent Mouth Sores

28:20 - Listener Q&A: Catherine  - What Do The Studies Say About Resistant Starch?

29:00 - Listener Q&A: Rosie  - What Are The Benefits Of Resistant Starch?