#048 - Wearable Weights, Mid-Fast Hunger, Fasting Teens?, Vegetarian Paleo, Reversing Diabetes, & More!

March 18, 2018

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5:45- Listener Feedback: Mainak  - IF Success & Need For Way To Embrace "Fear" Or "Pain" Of Initiation 

8:50 - Listener Feedback: Tino  - Reversing Diabetes With IF And Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands

15:25 - Listener Feedback: Kelly  - Light Sensitivity As Indicator Of Adrenal Stress (For Liz)

16:40 - Listener Feedback: Karen  - Exercise At The End Of Fast For Blasting Through Plateaus

20:45 - Listener Feedback: Claire  - Calories In A Pound of Human Fat

25:10 - Listener Q&A: Statia  - Is Mid-Fast Hunger Normal?

29:45 - Listener Q&A: Rebecca  - More Details On Wearable Weights: Risks, Effectiveness, Muscle Building Or Calorie Burning, How Long, Vest, Size?

30:50 - Listener Q&A: Jessica  - Heaviness Of Wearable Weights?

40:25 - Listener Q&A: Jessica  - How To Do Paleo As Vegetarian?

46:50 - Listener Q&A: Max  - Is IF Ok For A Growing Teen?

48:10 - Listener Q&A: Genienne  - Could IF Help A Sick, Fatigued, Allergy-Ridden Teen?

48:25 - Listener Q&A: Angela  - Should Teens Do IF? Have There Been Any Studies On Teens And HGH?

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