#054 - Optimal Ketone Levels, Snatiation, Vibration Plates, The Clean Fast Debate, IF Struggles, “Normal” Hunger Levels, La Croix, Gin’s and Melanie’s Houses, And More!

April 29, 2018

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7:00 - Optimal Ketone Levels May Be Lower Than You Think!

17:45 - Listener Feedback: Winnie  - Struggling With IF In The Beginning 

21:50 - Listener Feedback: Kim  - Sneazing When Eating More = "Snatiation" 

28:20 - Listener Feedback/Q&A: Sandy  - Advice For Migraine Sufferers 

34:58 - ListenerQ&A: Sandy  - More Info On Vibration Plates? 

39:30 - ListenerQ&A: Sandy  - All About Gin's And Melanie's Houses!

50:30 - ListenerQ&A: Naoime  - What Levels Of Hunger Are Normal For IF? (IF Isn't As Easy As They Say?)

60:05 - ListenerQ&A: Naoime  - Does La Croix Break The Fast?