#072 - Alcohol And IF, Candida, Pirates, Weight Regain After Weight Loss, Supplement Cautions, MTHFR, And More!

September 3, 2018

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1:30 - The Pirated Copies Of Delay Don't Deny

20:25 - Taking Supplements Because They Work For Someone Else

22:30 - The MTHFR Mutation And Methylated Folate

25:30 - Listener Q&A: Allison - Does Your Body Process Alcohol Differently With IF?

Dry Farm Wines (Get a bottle for a penny!)

20:20 - Listener Q&A: Natalie - Weight Regain After Initial Weight Loss With IF?

50:00 - Listener Q&A: Lauren - How Does IF Impact Candida? Can Candida Feed On Ketones?

50:35 - Listener Q&A: Shauna - Can I Fix Candida With IF Only, Not Food Choices? Can Essential Oils Help Candida?

51:21 - Listener Q&A: Kathe - Can IF Cure Yeast Overgrowth?