#079 - Dr. Ken Brown & Atrantril: Fixing GI Issues Fast, IF & The Gut Microbiome, Plant Polyphenols, Fasting Mimetics, Stress, Seratonin & The Gut, IF In A Pill, And More!

October 21, 2018

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Today we have a super special episode all about intermittent fasting, gut health, the gut microbiome, polyphenols, fasting mimetics, addressing GI distress, and more!! It's with Dr. Ken Brown, developer of the plant-based supplement Atrantil, which can reduce and even eliminate gas, bloating, and GI distress through the powerful polyphenolic power of plants! 

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2:15 - Dr. Brown's Background

7:00 - IF In A Pill?

7:25 - Why Do We Have SO Many GI Issues Today?

GI Issues In Europe Vs. The US (Pesticides And Gluten Oh My!)

10:30 - IBS, Leaky Gut, Behavioral Changes, And Food

12:40 - The Role Of the Gut Microbiome

14:30 - How Fast Does The Gut Microbiome Change? (24 hours!)

19:05 - Stress, Seratonin, And The Gut Mind Connection

22:10 - IBS Motility Antibodies

22:30 - Fasting To Stop Gut Dysbiosis

26:30 - Falling Off The Wagon (It'll Be Ok!)

27:40 - Making A Change In One Day

29:30 - What Does The Clinical Literature Say About IF?

29:45 - Prep Dish: Free Subscription! Get a free 2 week trial at Prepdish.com/ifpodcast! You'll get weekly gluten-free and Paleo grocery and recipe lists!!

36:30 - Fasting Mimetics And Polyphenols During The Fast

38:40 - How Does Dr. Brown Eat?

39:00 - Addressing Food Phobia

41:50 - Melanie's Experience With Atrantil

41:40 - Homemade Atrantil?

47:50 - How Does Atrantil Work?

51:30 - Should You Take Atrantil If You Don't Have GI Distress? (Yes! Anti-aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Supports GI Health!)

53:00 - "Postbiotics" From Food

53:30 - Atrantil + IF

55:00 - The Importance Of Brain & Gut Health

56:20 - How To Take Atrantil With IF

56:20 - IF In A Pill? (Fasting Mimetics!)

59:20 - Atrantil For Athletes - Atrantil Is The NSF Certified Supplement For Athletes For GI Issues!

1:00:05 - The Necessity Of Commercialization For Legitimacy And Access?

59:20 - Atrantil For Athletes - Atrantil Is The NSF Certified Supplement For Athletes For GI Issues!

1:03:40 - French Town's Longevity Thanks To Wine?

1:04:45 - Getting Worse Before You Get Better? (Hacks For DieOff)

1:07:45 - SPECIAL OFFER: Use the link lovemytummy.com/ifp with the code IFP, to get 10% off your purchase of Atrantil!