#084 - Optimizing Digestion With Wade Lightheart: Enzymes, HCL, Raw/Cooked Foods, Acid Reflux, Longevity, Probiotics, Diet Adaptation, Protein, Pesticides, Proteolytics, Serrapeptase & More!

November 26, 2018

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Today we have a special episode with Wade Lightheart, 3 Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, one of the world's premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods, and founder of BiOptimizers, a company with a mission to fix digestion! In this episode, we get into all the details about how the digestive process works, HCL and digestive enzymes, raw and cooked foods, and how you can tackle any and all GI distress! We also get into the science of proteolytic enzymes, for all you serrapetase lovers! You don’t want to miss this episode!!


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2:15 - Wade's Background: Forming BiOptimizers From Health Needs

7:05 - Where To Start With Digestive, Hormonal, Or Other Health Complaints?

7:45: The Problems With Our Modern Food System

9:40: Using IF To Pinpoint Problematic Food

10:15 - Wade's Experience With Fasting

12:00 - The Vegetarian And Keto Team - Finding What Works For You!

13:15 - Why Wade Became Vegetarian

15:00 - How The Digestive Process Works

18:10 - Natural Enzymes In Plants And Animals, Raw Vs. Cooked Foods

21:50 - The Role Of HCL And PH (Got Acid Reflux?)

25:45 - How To Supplement With HCL?

27:40 - How The Digestive System Adjusts To Dietary Choices, And How IF Helps Digestion

29:40 - Turkey Dinner Syndrome: Why You Get Tired After Eating A Big Meal

31:20 - The Role Of Enzymes In Aging And Longevity

33:10 - The Problems With Pesticides

34:15 - JOOVV RED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICES: Just For Our Listeners: Order A Joovv With The Link Joovv.com/ifpodcast And Use The Code IFPODCAST For A Free Gift!


37:05 - Digestion In The Intestines

37:40 - The Role Of The Microbiome In Digestion And Mood

39:50 - The Different Types Of Bacteria (Colonizing Vs. Transient)

41:25 - The Role Of Genetics In Fermented Food Choices

42:30 - Adopting To New Diet Choices (Die Off, Keto Flu, Etc.)

43:00 - The Elimination Phase (Constipation!)

43:55 - How Long Does The Digestive Process Take?

45:25 - How To Start Fixing Your Digestion?

48:20 - P3-OM: The Superstar L. Plantarum Strain (Proteolytic, Viral Defeating, Immune Regulating!)

54:45 - Protein Digestion

56:55 - Soy Protein Inhibitors

59:25 - Masszymes - Broad spectrum digestion and proteolytic enzymes

1:03:15: Testing Your Enzymes

1:04:30: Enzymes While Fasting

1:09:35: Serrapeptase

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