#086 - Stopping Sugar Cravings, Coffee When Eating, Protein And Muscle, The Great Funfetti Debate, Working Out After Dinner, Fruits And Veggies, And More!

December 9, 2018

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1:10 - BiOptimizers: Use the link BiOptimizers.com/ifpodcast, with the code ifpodcast20 for 20% off!

13:10 - Listener Tip: Ed  - Using Gymnema Sylvestre for sugar cravings!

21:35 - Listener Question: Breanne  - Does Coffee Have To Be Black During The Eating Window?

 Funfetti Cake Debate

29:10 - Listener Question: Dominique  - Do I Need To Consciously Eat More Protein To Gain Muscle?

35:10 - JOOVV RED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICES:  Use The Link Joovv.com/ifpodcast And The Code IFPODCAST For A Free Gift!

43:35 - Listener Question: Scott  - Should You Workout An Hour After Eating To Get Back Into Fasted State Faster And Help Hunger?

44:20 - Listener Question: Nikki  - How Does Working Out After Dinner Affect Re-Entry Into The Fasted State? Fasted State Quicker?

53:30 - Listener Question: Heather - How To Get Enough Fruits And Veggies While Fasting?