#087 - Wade Lightheart Part 2: Tackling Gluten, Food Sensitivities, Leaky Gut, Enzyme Timing, Personal Probiotics, HCL, Bile, Listening To Your Body, Diet Intuition, And More!

December 16, 2018

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6:20 - What's The Deal With Gluten?

7:00 - The History Of Gluten

10:30 - Breaking Down Gluten - Is Everyone Sensitive?

12:35 - The Enzyme That Breaks Down Gluten! (Gluten Gaurdian)

Gluten Gaurdian: This product contains a special gluten-digesting enzyme, so you can eat gluten with less damage!

16:40 - Ancient Vs. Modern Grains - Why Is Gluten Such A Problem Today?

20:20 - Listener Q&A: Michelle - If I'm Gluten Sensitive, Can I Contain Normal Amounts Of Gluten Foods Without Reactions? Will I Still Be Sensitive To Wheat?

24:25 - Healing The Gut Microbiome For Better Digestion 

25:50 - What Causes Food Sensitivities?

27:45 - Gluen And Leaky Gut

29:35 - Listener Q&A: Rosie - When To Take Enzymes, HCL, And Probioticis?

32:30 - The Connection Between Fasting And Enzymes

33:55 - Listener Q&A: Rosie - Do Enzymes Or Probiotics Need To Be Taken Forever? (Enzymes And Probiotics From Foods Vs. Supplements)

37:15 - Can You Take Too Many Enzymes Or Digest Things Too Much? Can You Have Too Little Or Too Much Fiber?

40:35 - Do You Need Less Food With Enzymes? (Calories Vs. Nutrients)

43:00 - How Modern Food Is Engineered To Keep Us Wanting More

44:00 - Environmental Cues And Eating

48:15 - Listener Q&A: Rosie - Do The Supplements Interfere With Medications/ Vitamins?

50:00 - Listener Q&A: Jennifer - Are Probiotics One Size Fits All? Do You Need To Do Gut Mapping?

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53:30 - Listening To Your Body

56:55 - Listener Q&A: Sara - Are Enzymes Involved In Gall Bladder And Fat Digestion?

57:35 - Listener Q&A: A. - Does HCL Need Adequate Bile Flow?

HCL Breakthrough: Solve stomach acid issues to properly digest your food

1:00:20 - The Role Of Minerals And Magnesium

1:12:00 - Do Enzymes Need Enteric Coatings?