#077 - Red Light Therapy For Energy, Weight Loss, Stubborn Fat, Beautiful Skin, Muscle Recovery, Exercise Performance, Sleep, Mood, Thyroid, Gut Microbiome & More! (Joovv Co-Founder Scott Nelson!)

October 8, 2018

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Today we've got a super special episode with Scott Nelson, co-founder of the Joovv Red Light Therapy Devices!! Like Intermittent Fasting, Red Light Therapy Can Benefit The Body On SO Many Levels! It Can Help You Burn Fat, Contour Your Body, Reduce Lines And Wrinkles, Produce Collagen, Support Muscle Recovery, Reduce Joint Pain And Inflammation, Combat Fatigue, Help You Sleep Better, And So Much More!! It Works On A Cellular Level To Literally Charge Your Cells Mitochondria!! In Fact, It' So Effective, It's Been Proposed To Be Banned In The Olympics!

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2:40 - How & Why Joovv Was Started (Is Red Light Real Science?)

7:45 - What Is Red Light And Infrared Therapy? - The Basics!

8:45 - Red Light And The Cells Mitochondria (ATP!)

10:00 - Red Light Vs. Infrared Wave Lengths

11:05 - Red Light Therapy Vs. An Infrared Sauna

14:30 - Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss, Fat Burning, And Stubborn Fat

17:24 - Red Light, IF, And Deuterium Depletion

23:20 - Red Light + IF For Targeted Fat Reduction?

24:55 - Red Light For Cellulite And Skin

27:45 - Red Light For Hair Growth

29:40 - How Long To Use Your Joovv

32:15 - Red Light For Sleep Quality And Melatonin Production

35:45 - When To Use Your Joovv?

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37:50 - Red Light Benefit For Mood

40:55 - Red Light And the Gut Microbiome

42:30 - Red Light Therapy For Muscle And Exercise Recovery

46:15 - Red Light, Blue Light, And Acne

46:50 - What To Consider When Buying A Red Light Unit (Wavelenth, Power, Etc.) 

50:15 - Red Light For Detox And The Immune System

53:05 - Red Light For Thyroid

57:45 - The Different Joovv Devices

1:00:00 - Who Shouldn't Use Joovv?

1:04:07 - Red Light In The Fed Vs. Fasted State?

1:05:23 - Our Fav Red Light Benefits